“Art Continuum”

It has long been one of my dreams to be in a group art show. Even though I studied art in college, I never imagined that I would one day be showing work in an art gallery.

I am pleased to share a continuum of photographs and drawings that I created over the years while living in Boston, New York, London, and Los Angeles. Some of these works are over 20 years old.

I am also very happy to have the opportunity to honor some of the people in these portraits: Michael and Wayne from the homeless shelter one Christmas holiday; Leah, the sweet 92-year-old retired Julliard piano teacher who flirted with everyone at the nursing home when she had the energy; Aviva, my favorite life drawing model – she could light up the room with her flair, her laugh, and generate a room full of busy charcoal with her inspired poses.

Thank you, Yuko for making one of my dreams come true and letting me share this special event with you, Mary Jo, Patricia, and Eileen.

Jenny H. Lee has a BFA from Boston University, and an MFA from School of Visual Art in New York. Currently she is in post-production on a short film which she wrote and directed. Together with her husband Gareth Smith, she designs title sequences for film and television. www.smithleefilm.com




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