“Playing in the Paint”

Through my creative journey I have come to understand that artistry creates a deeper connection to the soul. It is through creative expression and artistic courage that the soul shares its deepest truths. When you are lost in these moments you are open to hear the stillness of knowing. To allow yourself to live and play in that place is pure joy. Pure communication with self in relation to the world you have created around you….and are in process of recreating.

Never have I considered myself a painter, rather someone who enjoys playing with colors, shapes and energies, not even particularly caring what I use as a canvas. Completely self-taught, creating visual arts started for me with craft paint, an art journal and a circle of girlfriends. When together, we would throw around a little paint, work out our ya-yas, sip a little wine, giggle and laugh. It was all play. As I began to create more in this medium, I began to better understand ‘Patty o Talk’, that is, the internal conversation I was having with myself. Over time I’ve learned to listen to all those shapes, colors and movement as they communicate my joy, needs, fear, anger, pain and love in paint.

Today I still play in the paint, still not too particular about my canvases, I play mostly to hear my unconscious thoughts and directives, my institution.

So when Yuko envisioned and invited me to play “art gallery” with her, of course I said YES! What a wonderful opportunity to stir up some insecurity and emotion as well as a little paint. I am so honored to have such creative, communicative and brave friends.

My hope for this show is simple, to celebrate the joy of play!
I hope this show will inspire your conscience participation in your own artistic journey. And as creatives I hope we all allow our journey to give way to non judgement in our life, our love and all that is in our heART.

Patricia Overly is an Integrative Communication Coach and an Ideation Specialist working with private and corporate clients to elevate both interpersonal communication and presentation skills. When integrating creative think tank workshops and retreats Patricia inspires creativity and team building to take companies and individuals to the next level. Texas Hill Country retreat coming this fall!


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