“Heaven on Earth”

Ever since I was a little girl, I lost track of time when I was drawing or painting. Practicing painting is like practicing to see; paying attention to what is in front of me, the world and my inner landscape. It is a joyful meditation.

For a long while, I stopped painting, because I became very critical of my work. It took a bit of self-development for me to let go of what I thought art “should be” in my mind. When I did, when I embraced what is true for me, the canvas turned into the place I play with my emotions & my dreams. When I learned to express what I resonated with, I found my heaven on earth again. When I’m painting something I love, I get to dwell in that wonderful energy of what I love about that scene, that energy, or that thing. The more I resonate with it, the more I feel the energy of love amplify.

I hope through my art, you get a glimpse of my inner world. I hope you can connect to your heaven on earth and amplify that beautiful energy you have.

Yuko Miyahara, originally from Japan, has resided in the United States for the last 20 years. Most of her career has been spent in web development, a very left brain activity. Painting activates passion, and her right brain, bringing balance to Yuko’s life. She loves painting abstract energy and things that bring joy to her heart.

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